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This page is all about us: About English Bulldog Breeder and the standards we set.  We hope you’ll learn a little bit about us and our passion for English Bulldogs. Especially how we use our years of experience to support you, our clients, and how we work to find just the perfect bulldog mom and dad couple, that fully displays all the characteristics of the breed.

Rob Hogue

Founder of Bulldogzilla Breeders

Emi Hogue

Another founder of Bulldogzilla Breeders

Loving Breeders Who Strive to Better the Breed

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. Any breeder, especially and English Bulldog breeder, knows they are more than just pets; they are members of the family. That’s why owning a dog is becoming more and more popular. While some may argue that dog breeding has its downfalls, there are many reasons why we determined it was the right path for us. Please take some time to explore the reasons we considered starting a dog breeding business, to include the personal experiences that led us to embark on this journey.

As someone who has always loved dogs, we had a particular fondness for English Bulldogs.  This is partly because my heavenly father-in-law is an alumni of University of Georgia, and the love of the Bulldog just enveloped our lives.  We have always been “adopt don’t shop” people, as our previous pets were rescues. In fact, Russell , our Heinz 57 pup, was with us for 18 years before he passed and Hammy, our poodle passed at 15 years. 

Hubby and I had decided when both Hammy and Russell went to stay on the Rainbow Bridge that we would get an English Bulldog. But we found the cost of purchasing one to be exorbitant, and the fear of being scammed added to our apprehension. In fact, we almost lost a significant amount of money to a phony breeder before discovering a breeder that specialized in exotic breeding. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that some breeders only cared about the dog’s appearance and color, and not about their health.

As we struggled to find a reputable English bulldog breeder, we became even more aware of the challenges and health issues often faced by English Bulldog owners. After doing some research, we found out that these health concerns are common among purebred dogs. However, we remained determined to find an English Bulldog that was healthy and happy.

With perseverance and a vast amount of research and consideration, we found some breeders who genuinely cared about their dogs’ well-being. Yet we still struggled with the price point. Finally, we opted to rescue a retired female breeding dog, despite the issues that came with her. Although the process was riddled with difficulties, such as expensive medical bills, we continued to take the best possible care of her, and she became a valued family member.

Through that experience, we realized that we could help families looking for an English Bulldog to avoid the issues we experienced as well as ensure the health and well-being of the breed by becoming responsible breeders ourselves. So, we studied up on everything dog breeding related, including courses with the American Kennel Association on breeding. We wanted to ensure that we could serve our clients better, producing healthier dogs with an excellent temperament.  All this and more to be about English Bulldog breeders we want to be, the type of breeder we wanted when we were searching. 

Since starting our dog breeding business, we’ve continued to learn about the best breeding practices, including breeding for better health and temperament, and we have an unwavering passion for our work. Interacting with our English Bulldogs and their future litters has brought us immense joy and satisfaction.

We truly hope our love for the English Bulldog shows in the loving canine companions we produce.

You can also find us at http://allpetwebsites.com/

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