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Interested in English Bulldog Puppies? Learn a few things about English Bulldogs here!

About English Bulldogs

The English Bulldog is a beautiful and loving companion dog. The breed is small to medium build in stature but muscular with heavy bone structure, a smooth coat, and a short face.  Prized for their affectionate nature and sweet disposition, they are generally good with children and require light to moderate exercise.

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About English Bulldogs

Personality & Expectations

You can expect your English Bulldog puppy to be loving, curious, playful, and even rambunctious.  They love to love and all of the English Bulldogs I’ve ever known have thought of themselves as “lap dogs”. If you’ve ever been lonely, you will never be lonely again with a bulldog.

40 - 60 pounds
12 - 16 inches
8 - 10 years

About English Bulldogs General health

English Bulldogs are known for breed specific genetic conditions.  There are some that can’t be helped but do not overly tax their quality of life if managed.  Then there are others that reputable breeders work hard to keep out of the breed*.

However, because bulldogs are brachycephalic (short, stub nosed faces), very little to moderate exercise.  If you are looking for a dog to take on runs or long walks, either put them in a wagon during cool weather only or maybe consider a different breed.

* Contact us for more information on our health guarantee.

Care and feeding

English Bulldogs are pretty resilient and love to eat.  But, as their responsible human, you will want to ensure that you’re feeding high quality food.  Ensure that commercial food is developed by canine nutritionists, as not all dog food is the same. 

English Bulldogs are known to have some tummy issues and skin allergies, but not all.  Start with lamb or salmon and consider food that helps with skin and coat.

Because of their stubby bodies, it might be cute to see them round and chunky.   This is hard on their lungs, heart and joints, so please do not overfeed since they get little exercise to begin with.


If you are looking for a hypoallergenic or shed free canine, the English Bulldog is not for you.  You can manage shedding with a solid grooming routine and quality food and supplements, but they still shed. 

English Bulldogs also require daily care of their folds. Daily cleaning with an antiseptic wipe fit for dogs is necessary to protect your furry friend from yeast and infections.

It's good to know!

While it might seem like a lot of work, English Bulldogs are the absolute best pet.  Join any bulldog forum and you will quickly see just how much in love their human families are with their English Bulldog pups.


Your future bulldog can not regulate their body temperature like other dogs. Heavy panting and purple tongues are signs of over heating and potential heat stroke.


English Bulldogs typically love water, but they are basically cinder blocks with big hearts and legs. Water play is excellent for them, but know that they will sink. Life vests are perfect them.

Potty Training

Your English Bulldog puppy will be stubborn, but like all dogs, they do want to please you. Be patient with them through their youth. Training can be slow, but they will get it. Clicker training has been very productive with our dogs and we condition them to the clicker while with their momma.


Bulldog puppies are vacuum cleaners. Starting out with a slow feeder bowl will prove beneficial for you. Then at adulthood, transitioning to a metal, rounded and slanted bowl might be better for them. This will allow more food to stay in the bowl despite your bulldog puppies short face and long tongue.

Tail Pockets

Not all tail pockets are bad. But, if your bulldog puppy has one, you'll need to keep it clean. Antiseptic wipes are perfect for keeping this area free of infection.

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