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English Bulldog Puppies for Sale TX

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

english bulldog puppies for sale tx

Bulldogzilla Breeders Inc is dedicated to breeding English Bulldog puppies in Texas with exceptional health and temperament in order to provide families with a magnificent, healthy lifetime canine companion. While puppies are cute and adorable, it is vital to select a professional and reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs when searching for English Bulldog Puppies.

At Bulldogzilla Breeders in San Antonio, Texas we are a reliable and responsible breeder and absolutely love our Bulldogs! We do everything breeders can possibly do to produce and raise our English Bulldog puppies to be the best canine companion’s money can buy – with optimal temperament and health. 


Our English Bulldog puppies are raised as part of our family to provide a tremendous foundation of socialization, interacting with family members and other household pets to provide better communication with other pets and to reduce overall anxiety. improve behavior, reduce anxiety.


Starting from three days of birth, our Bulldogs receive Early Neural Stimulation for the first two and a half weeks in order to stimulate the puppy’s neurological development.  This provides improved stress tolerance, enhanced learning, increased resilience, and overall better health.


Our Bulldog puppies begin toilet training in our environment, making it as stress free for you as possible, crate-acclimatized to make crate toilet training a breeze, chew toy conditioned to enjoy chew toys as opposed to your ankles and toes, and are introduced to a clicker to promote positive training experiences for you and your Bulldog!

Keeping your Bulldog as safe and healthy as possible, our puppies come microchipped, vaccinations at 6 and 8 week and are dewormed.


Our English Bulldog puppies in Texas come with a FIVE-YEAR MONEY BACK GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE against serious heritable diseases that impact the quality of your dog’s life. All breeds of dogs have their own propensities of being at risk of particular inherited diseases. Due to the historical inbreeding of English Bulldogs, they are known for typical health issues like allergies, cherry eye, entropion and/or ectoprion.  These health issues; however, are not inheritable illnesses, only predispositions of the breed. Currently, the only and best way to protect your puppy from inherited diseases is to make sure they are NOT INBRED. This is why we ensure that our breeding dogs are not inbreed and as breeders, we do not inbreed in our program.  Consequently, we are confident enough in the genetic health of our puppies to provide a Five-Year Money Back Health Guarantee on them!

We provide a puppy manual, “How to Raise an English Bulldog”, that contains vital and useful information regarding your puppy’s care; to include grooming, feeding, veterinary care, desexing, and much, much more!

If you are ready for a glorious companion and to be a part of our Bulldogzilla family, please contact us for available puppies or join our waiting list now! We will be so happy to meet you and offer you a happy, healthy English Bulldog puppy!


We have many standard AND non-standard bulldog colors available. Due to the risk of inbreeding and heritable diseases, our breeding stock does not contain blue or merle colors; however, we have chocolate, white, red and fawn brindle.

For more information about Bulldog colors, click here!


Just like people, the bulldog personality and bulldog temperament can vary. We offer personality testing to match you with your ideal English Bulldog. Matching a puppy to compliment your lifestyle is the most important step that a breeder can take in order to ensure a happy and harmonious relationship between you and your new furry companion. While we understand that desire to select your own bulldog puppy, we ask that you respect the process to ensure that your puppy is the best match for you.  The first two years of any puppy’s life is filled with learning and exploring and many pets in shelters tend to be those at nine months or more, when the “exploring” gets a little difficult for their human companions.  Allowing Bulldogzilla to place the right puppy with you helps ensure that you and your pet have the best chance at lifelong companionship.

We also provide thirty (30) days of complimentary “free pet insurance” to all new owners from award winning company AKC Pet Insurance.

(We are located in Texas but deliver our bulldog puppies to all neighboring states of Texas.  For families living outside of Texas or neighboring states, delivery and exchange of your puppy will be coordinated between us).  


To see pictures of our beautiful English Bulldog parents click here!


We currently have a waiting list for our English Bulldog puppies.


Click here to join our waitlist and reserve your English Bulldog puppy in Texas!

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