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English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Texas

Hello, we are Bulldogzilla Breeders

We are ethical English Bulldog breeders focused on using the considerable power all breeders have to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own.

In addition to being health conscious of the breed, we are definitely among one of the best kennels in America. Our furbabies are born and raised in a loving environment with attention, affection and discipline in Texas.

Health Guarantee

Why is it so important?

Don’t ever buy a puppy if a breeder doesn’t provide a Health Guarantee.

Improper breeding can lead to serious health complications.  This is why we offer a five-year guarantee on serious genetic health conditions that greatly impact your future English Bulldog puppy.

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Embark DNA Test

The greatest of all

Embark is the only canine genetics company that uses a research-grade DNA genotyping platform.

Our breeding dogs are all DNA and genetically tested to make sure that they are sound for breeding.  Further, you will get a copy of our breeding dog’s parental DNA so you know what your baby does and does not carry.

Breeder Support

We are available 24/7

It doesn’t matter the age of your dog, you’ll always receive full support from Bulldogzilla. People trust us!

We support our owners throughout the life of their English Bulldog. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a strong foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its beautiful bulldog life.

Proudly presenting our English Bulldogs

We worked really hard to make sure that only the best English Bulldogs would be part of our breeding program!  Now the benefit of our hard work is available to you.











Below are items we suggest for your new
English Bulldog puppy

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