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Questions About English Bulldogs

We get many questions about English Bulldogs. Specifically regarding the care and maintenance of our dogs as well as their babies.  Scroll down to review a few of the most frequently asked questions.

What type of guarantee do you provide?

All dams and sires are genetically health tested at an early age to ensure that they’re healthy for breeding.  All puppies come with a lifetime guarantee against genetic disorders like degenerative myelopathy, multifocal retinopathy and urate kidney and bladder stones. Typical ailments that aren’t covered by most canine health insurance is not covered by our health guarantee: cherry eye, entropion or ectropion.

What do I feed my puppy?

All puppies go home with a starter bag of food, but we feed our babies Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Lamb and Oatmeal.  We also start them on a probiotic.

Is this breed easy to care for?

Short answer is Yes and No.  Long answer is… English Bulldogs are easy in that they’re coats are low maintenance and require little bathing. However, they do shed so if you aren’t a fan of dog hair, an English Bulldog might not be for you.  While their coat is easy to deal with, their skin requires tender loving care. English Bulldogs are known for their adorable scrunchy and wrinkly faces, but those folds are breeding grounds for dirt, bacteria and infections. The folds, to include tail pockets if they exist, requires daily cleaning. 

That said, if you’re looking for a dog that can go running or cycling with you, the English Bulldog is a great sidekick if you’re running with them in a stroller or pulling them behind you in a cart.  Bulldogs, like Frenchie’s and Pugs, are brachycephalic (they have smooshed in faces), which makes it hard for them to breath.  As many folks know, dogs use panting to cool themselves down.  But the shortened skull and airway makes that very difficult for a pups like the English Bulldog.  So, while it’s important to exercise your dog, it’s really about 15 or 20 minutes of moderate play time with their favorite ball.  Outdoor activities should be limited when the climate is cool and summertime excursions are limited to potty breaks.  Over exertion can lead to heatstroke before you know it and can come about very quickly or without warning.

What happens if I can’t keep the puppy?

We consider our English Bulldogs our children, so when you purchase a puppy from us, you’re actually adopting a family member.  By contract, if you can no longer care for the pet, you are required to return the puppy to us. 

Can we visit with the puppies?

Unfortunately, no.  The puppies’ immune systems are quite fragile and are susceptible to various diseases.  One wrong move and a whole litter can be lost.  Also, we are a family breeder, so for the safety of our puppies and our family, we do not allow visitors.  However, sometimes we have puppy play days to help with socialization.  Those events will be posted on our Facebook page.

Any questions beside these?

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